Social Media Marketing

Social Media has huge impact in fostering organization brand awareness and customer service. You can use verious social media plaforms as your marketing tools like facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin, instagram etc. You can target your customers based on their demands, locations and likes/dislikes. From a small shopkeeper to corporates, E-commerce companies social entreprenuers, political parties, everyone can fit their online marketing strategies to build their brands or sale products.​

Search Engine Optimization

The first place most people turn to for new products and information is Google. Visibility in those search results is one of the most cost-effective roads to brand recognition and long term profit, but search engine updates have changed the way that SEO (search engine optimization) works forever.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has an incredible reach over 1 billion active users & counting. It aims to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Facebook has even surpassed Google as the most popular site based on the number of minutes spent on it.

Google Adwords

You may have good name with best deals in the city, but if you may lose visibility to your customers who search for a best deal on Google. Advertise with Google is one of the most powerful tools that you can reach very specific search audience in a short period of time. You can set your ads to display based on local, languages, time and many more. All of your ads performances can be tracked easily in your Google Adwords account.

Conversion Rate Optimization

To attain an increase in the no. of buyers or subscribers the website has to be conversion-friendly. We, at PixelKare, genuinely increase the conversion rate of websites. So feel good, breathe better and have a look at what we exclusively do to increase the conversion rate.