5 innovative Ideas to Build Brand for a Travel Agency in Local – From our Experience

 12th  Jun 2018  PixelKare  Blog

Travel agency Branding Ideas

We have hands on experience to build brands for many companies and for our own company PixelKare. Let me share few ideas with you to build brands for a Travel Agency Company.

1. Innovative Less Expensive Small Events:
Call people to your office in weekends, share some travel stories by travelers, encourage the interesting stories and prize them. Engage your guests on your Facebook and ask them to upload photos. Prize the best photos with more likes.

2. Arrange Free Short Trips
Invite people to be part of a short walk around a historical place and be a guide for them. Or Arrange a 1-2 hours Mini-Bus trip to nearest tourist place, explain the interesting facts about the place. Ask them to tag you on social media how they felt about the tour and your company.

3. Offer Study tour a School as your CSR
Students are always active to take photos, gossip about their tours, share memories. Offer a study tour to a school as your Social Work. Make sure you design some stickers/bands/banners so that students can take selfie with that. Ask them to share on social media with tags.

4. Create Videos on Travel Tips by your Customer
When you send your customer on a trip ask them to take photos/videos and submit to you. Offer them discount on their next trips based on their photos/videos quality. Upload them on youtube and link to your website

5. Develop Good Contents
Take Photos, Videos, write short stories on your each activities above. Publish them on your social media profile and linked well on your website.

The above mentioned tricks are experienced by my team and we have done good in it. Try one of them and let us know in comment box below that how well you did it. 🙂