2017 Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

 22nd  Jun 2017  PixelKare  Digital Marketing

There has always been a professional competition between traditional and digital marketing with traditional marketing winning the competition year after year. The reasons vary from reluctance of business owners to shift from traditional marketing to the trust factor. Business owners till recently were convinced that traditional marketing produce more tangible output than digital marketing. However since the beginning of 2017 the competition has been tougher and as on 31st March 2017 Digital marketing is marginally ahead, in terms of revenue spend, compared to traditional marketing.

The latest survey shows that US digital spend will reach $72.09 billion, while TV spending will reach $71.29 billion. That means digital spend will have a share of 36.8% of US total spend while TV will have a share of 36.4%. This is a significant shift and digital advertising is emerging a clear winner. In other words business owners have finally realized that running a facebook ad will cost much less than a 30 second TV commercial. Moreover business owners have also started accepting the fact that digital ads can be more focused and reach the right audience, if done the correct way.

While the importance of digital media is increasing, challenges that companies may face are also on the rise. With fresh media strategy, new tools and emerging technologies, 2017 is both exciting and challenging.

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