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Oct 2013
After completely revamping their SEO strategies due to Google Panda and Penguin updates, the webmasters and SEO consultants are staying alert to combat further Penguin updates. Many SEO service providers also constantly collect information on how to save their websites from further Penguin updates. At the SES San Francisco conference, Matt Cutts, the distinguished engineer and search spam head at Google, recently revealed some startling information about the Google is planning to deal with duplicate content, spams and other unethical SEO techniques. Google Does not Hate SEO Cutts, however, clarified the fact that Google is not averse to the SEO techniques. He also appreciated the effectiveness of SEO techniques in making the website faster and more crawlable. But the SEO techniques are considered as ugly by Google only when the methods result in generating spam. Cutts also pointed out some of the blackhat SEO practices, being targeted through the constant search algorithms updates, including creating spammy blog comment links, stuffing unnecessary keywords and a webmaster going overboard to buy backlinks. Penalty for Duplicate Content Matt Cutts also emphasized on the positive impact of algorithms updates in creating websites those will stand the test of time. The updates are meant to encourage webmasters to create content that will encourage users to bookmark the websites and recommend these to their friends. He further added the websites will not be penalized by Google, unless they contain the duplicate content on a massive scale. For instance, repletion of 2-3 paragraphs will not result in your website being penalized for Google for duplicate content. But these paragraphs will not add any value to your website ranking and visibility. Jarring and Jolting Impacts of Further Penguin Updates The most startling revelation came from Matt Cutts while answering some questions on Google Panda and Penguin updates. To all the webmasters and SEO strategists waiting eagerly to combat the next Panda update, Cutts warned that the team of engineers has been working hard in incorporating new signals and iterating to improve the algorithm. He also added the upcoming updates will be “jarring and jolting” for both webmasters and SEO consultants. We are quoting below the full comment made by Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts Comments - PixelKare


What makes the comment made by Matt Cutts significant is this is the first time when Google has given a warning like this. As the Penguin update targets the spammy SEO techniques, it will have a much more significant impact on SEO in comparison to the Panda. But the Google spam head have issued the warning just in time to prevent the SEO professionals from using the methods and practices that result in creating spam. With incorporating more signals and improving the algorithms, Google wants to encourage webmasters to develop websites that can stand the test of time, and provide the searchers with more fresh, original and relevant content.