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Oct 2013
At the recently concluded SES San Francisco conference, for the first time Google warned the webmasters and SEO consultants about the “jarring and jolting” impacts of next Google Penguin updates. The popular search engine has deployed a team of engineers to incorporate new signals and improve the search algorithm to discourage spammy SEO practices. The recent search algorithms changes have made it essential for the website owners and digital marketers to concentrate on some other recent trends in digital marketing. Pixelkare_mobile_seo_digital_marketing Also, with more and more people accessing internet on their cellular phones, smartphones and tablet computer, every SEO consultant is recommending his clients to implement a comprehensive mobile SEO strategy. With new smartphone models being introduced by the manufacturers at frequent intervals, more and more customers are using their handheld devices to browse through the websites at anytime and from anywhere. So the changing lifestyle and choices of the modern customers has provided the digital marketers a classic opportunity along with a rewarding challenge. Developing the Mobile Version of Your Website mobile_seo_visibilityMany webmasters believe in creating a mini version of their main website to target the customers accessing the web on their mobile devices. But an experienced mobile SEO consultant will advise you to completely revamp the content and design of your website to impress the mobile users. Unlike the people accessing websites on their computer, the mobile users lack the time and patience to read through lengthy paragraphs. Similarly, the modern mobile users often switch to the next website, if your online business portal is not loading in few seconds. So you have to concentrate on some distinct and fresh techniques to allow the customers to browse through your website on the go. Making the Website Compatible with Different Mobile Devices and OS The increasing number of smartphone users also encourages many manufacturers to launch new digital devices with additional features, longer battery life and faster web browsing capability. So no webmaster can predict how the customer is going to access his website. Also, you must remember that mobile web browsing experience is completely different from the traditional internet browsing on desktop and laptop computer. Therefore, an efficient mobile website must have the capability to load and render web pages by identifying the device and operating system of the searcher. When you website has the ability to recognize the device used by the customer, it can achieve a high conversion rate by offering high quality user experience. Rewriting the Content to Impress the Mobile Searchers Since most of the mobile users look for quick and instant information based on their search keywords, you also need to rewrite the website content to make their experience friendly and effortless. The promotional offers posted on your websites must be enriched by including powerful call to action. Similarly, the lengthy descriptions of the offers must be summarized and the searcher should be shown only the gist of the complete offer. The alteration will make it easier for the searcher to skim through the text within a few seconds. Further, you should do some thorough evaluate the structure of your website to ensure that the users are able to find the required information in seconds. Optimizing the Website for Mobile Search Results


When you are optimizing your website for mobile search engine results pages, it is very much important to choose the content that you want to show to the searcher. You can decide about showing a specific section of your website to the searcher or not, simply by analyzing the nature and behavior of your website traffic. The web pages with a higher number of visitors and page views must be customized to suit the mobile devices. It is also essential to keep the solid content intact, and optimize the website for mobile search results pages by eliminating multimedia content and flashy graphics. However, you also need to ensure that the changes are not having any impact on the keyword placement and density on your mobile website. Designing Ads by Targeting Mobile Users Mobile_seo_pixelkareAlong with optimizing the website for mobile search results pages, you can even consider running paid advertisement campaigns to target the cell phone users. The mobile sitemap of your website will make it easier for you to target the right segment of audience. Also, you can use the information and research to build a searcher persona. Once you identify the target searcher, you can post specially designed ads to seduce the customers to place order. Also, the details can be used to optimize and customize your website to impress the customers initiating online searches through their smartphones. These features will create an impression on the minds of your potential customers and help in achieving a higher conversion rate.