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Sep 2013
Over a decade ago starting up a business and reaching out to customer and communicating with them was difficult. But with the introduction of social media things are changing at a faster rate and clients are able to achieve their target goals. But before moving any further we should know what social media marketing is? Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media websites. It helps interact with others and share and create contents that can be shared in the social media websites. Advantages of social media promotion or marketing
  • Social media has reduced the distance between the different parts of the world. We can reach to a greater number of people. It has widened our reach.
  • The best thing about social media promotion is instead of communicating with all people we are able to target a particular group required for our business
  • Social media allows us to communicate with individual on a personal basis which helps us understand their requirements better.
  • While most social promotions are free of cost, paid promotion is also available at a lower cost.
  • And the most important of all social media promotion is fast and easy. We can quickly distribute information among people and do not require any high skills for this.
When we hear the word social media service the first thing that strikes to our mind is facebook. But do you think social media is just confined to it? No, social media service has expanded immensely and there are a whole new platforms providing social media services. Some of the key social media service providers are listed below:
  • Facebook: is a social networking site that allows people to have conversations, share photos and videos, and even promote things all over the world.
  • Twitter: is a micro-blogging service that allows people to send and receive short messages.
  • YouTube: is an online video hosting website that allows people to share videos.
  • LinkedIn: is a professional related networking site that allows creating professional profiles for themselves and their business to spread and meet others.
  • Google+: it helps in integrating Google search engines and other products such as Google Adwords and Google Maps with the profiles.
Role of social media promotion in starting a business: Companies need to understand the role of social media influence in shaping up their social media strategy in the early stages. Startup companies need to adopt a social media strategy that will benefit them in several ways:
  • Give an exposure to their company: it introduces and prospects about the company. It also provides a great deal of brand awareness.
  • Drives sales: it helps in sharing of offers provided by the company which are shared among friends and in turn helps increase sales. This way the promotion goes viral.
  • Customer service and social devotion: social media is a platform for providing customer service. It develops an open line communication between the service provider and customer so that they remain loyal to the brand. It basically acts as a feedback loop which is very important for a startup company. Pixel kare, a website marketing and development company has excelled tremendously in the field of social media especially because of its customer service and social devotion towards it clients.
  • Monitoring competitors: social media marketing is a very effective tool to monitor the competitors working in the shape field. It helps understanding how they are performing and also makes us aware of their different approach towards the market.
Every company is concerned about brand awareness and Startup Company can effectively utilize social media to gain new audiences. Here we discussed about social media marketing and the various social media service providers and its role in starting a business. In the next article we will be discussing how individual social media platforms help in the promotion of business.