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MAGENTO is a flexible, dynamic & affordable Ecommerce platform

With Magento everything is modular so you don’t have to modify the core functionality, which makes it much easier to customize for client needs. Magento provides an array of flexible features and thousands of extensions which can be customized for your perfect e-commerce needs. Services like catalog management, mobile commerce and purchaser accounts help to broaden your customer base while marketing and analytics tools help in keeping a check on what’s working and what’s not. Controlling every facet of web store from merchandising to promotions is possible through Magento. It is user friendly and hence attracts more visitors to it.
Check just a few of the services that our PixelKare Magento Development team offers
  • Magento website development
  • Custom Magento development
  • Responsive Magento website
  • Magento module development
  • Magento theme development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Custom Ecommerce solutions
  • Magento store development
  • Magento shopping cart development
  • Custom extensions development

Magento Development: Powerful, Reliable & Extensive

Catalog Management

Batch importing and export of catalogs after full web design and development has been launched. Google base integration. Digital download product capabilities. Advanced pricing rules and support for special prices.

Marketing Tools

Flexible Coupons with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories and extensive catalog promotional pricing capabilities.


The Magento platform offers some of the most expansive shipping integration options. Magento gives you the ability to ship to multiple addressed in one order, create multiple shipments per order and also offer free shipping.

Customer Service

The Magento platform offers rich customer services interaction and account management on the back-end. It also provides extensive order tracking from account individual accounts.

Product Details

Product details can make the difference between almost making a sale and an actual sale. So provide all of the information that you have on your products in a clean, concise manner.

Order Management

Magento gives customers the ability to easy manage customer orders by allowing you to view, edit, create, and fulfill orders from the admin panel.

Search Engine Optimization

Extensive Google site map. URL rewrites give full control of URL's. Meta-information for products and categories.

Site Management

Control multiple websites and stores from one administrative panel. Web services API for easy integration between Magento and third-party application integration and development.


Magento offers multiple payment options. The platform also allows us as developers to integrate a vast expanse of extensions available through Magento Connect.


Easy one page checkout functionality. Checkout without account and checkout with guest accounts. Magento also offers shipping to multiple addresses in one order. This is an area that most e-commerce platforms do not have.

Shipping Options

Different customers will want different shipping methods, take care all types of clients to avoid a drop-off in sales due to shipping options.

Customer Accounts

Magento gives you the ability to re-order from accounts as well as customization of downloadable products and recently ordered items.

Theme Development

Our expert Magento development teams can custom design or fully integrate a Magento theme design.

Analytics & Reporting

Extensive admin dashboard for reporting overview. Comprehensive abandoned shopping cart reporting. Best customers report by total and number of orders.
Our experts are always dedicated to make sure that you get to explore advanced solutions in minimum budget. We have trained Magento developers, who are passionate about creative innovative Magento based solutions. Being an open source platform, Magento has a wide scope and we keep on discovering more in it for you.

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