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RESPONSIVE websites that works anywhere, anytime,
and on any device.

BETTER WEBSITES BETTER BUSINESS: Regardless of device or browser

Due to rapid adoption of tablets and mobiles globally, responsive websites are an essential component in digital marketing. Responsive web design is the combination of the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which helps the web designers and web developers to build world class websites and web applications that is consistent across all browsers and mobile devices. Each client has specific needs and because we do everything custom we have the ability to develop a website solution specifically for your needs.
It is estimated that by the end of 2014 more the 50% of on-line traffic will come from mobile or tablet devices. What does that mean for you? If you have a website that is not a responsive website design, then you could be losing potential clients. Having a responsive website means having a website that will automatically respond to all device.

What do our CLIENTS speak about us?

Our clients are quite happy with us because we don't just create websites; we go the extra mile to ensure for their target​ed ​audience.​

"With an eye for perfection and quality, PixelKare is always bang on, they work till the last "Pixel...

"My experience with Pixelkare has been rewarding in terms of quality against value for money. Dedica...