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CMS - Money Online Website

CMS - Electrification Company Website

Jyote Motors: Empowering The Wheel Industry

CMS - Spa Website

Limpidfrog - Art & Design

Limpidfrog keeps its eyes focused on a vision where we visualize Art and Design and deliver services worldwide. Ofcourse , we would like limpidfrog to grow beyond and turn interstellar!

Some words from Limpidfrog\'s Founder:

With an eye for perfection and quality, PixelKare is always bang on, they work till the last \"Pixel\", as to make sure the client is satisfied with the quality and UX they have in there mind. Definitely looking forward to work with them in coming times.

RedCarota delivers recipes at your door step with their inbuilt system of tracking consumed calories and nutritional value.

The website is fully customized. The site is built with the features like

  • Pincode Selector for Shipping
  • Time Slot For Delivery System
  • One Page Checkout
  • SMS on Every Status

We have started our journey on 15Th August 2015.OdiMart’s vision to empower our traditional market through online with best and fast services.

Lush Leggings Founder and CEO Prady is one who can easily get excited about an exciting new fabric or a new innovative fashion style that accentuates and defines a woman’s body.

Small Website - Consultant

HTML - Security Website Design 2

HTML - Security Website Design

CMS - Spiritual Ashram

Om Namo Bhagabata Basudevaya Before the coming of Sri Chaitanya vaishnava religion was already there in Orissa. The tradition of Vaishnava religion is very ancient and strong in Orissa. In the fifth and Sixth centuries, the kings of Mathara dynasty and eastern Gangas were reported to be earnest Vaishnavas.

KBNCM is led by a team of dynamic finance professionals having extensive experience in both Indian and global financial sector.

Hotel Adhar Regency – A Business Hotel became a part of The Adrishta hotels & resorts pvt ltd in 2006 and is our first venture in the hospitality industry.

CMS - Photographer Personal Website

Welcome to vivek krishnan photography. We are a team of international destination wedding photography and cinematography professionals available to cover prestigious weddings and events worldwide. The way we work is natural, happy and creative,

Some words from Barun:

Nice website desgined by the team. They understand the exact requirment and work according to that. Very responsive and eager to help. Will do more projects with pixelkare in future.

Admissiongyan Education Consultancy is the pioneer overseas education consultancy since 2009. With high quality credentials, trustworthy service guidance to the students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit and financial capacity in the top international universities.

Small Website - Official

We are a Singapore based research and development company with global presence, focused on breakthrough innovations in healthcare specific to life saving drugs.