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Oct 2013
Online Marketing Strategy for startups Unlike the large and established businesses, the online marketing strategy of a startup company is often impacted due to budgetary constraints. Many startup business owners reduce their online marketing budget to get a high ROI, whereas others explore inexpensive options to promote their business on the web. Luckily, the online search engines and social networks allow business owners to choose from a wide range of free as well as paid advertisement models. However, the smart entrepreneurs prefer to do some initial research to identify their niche customers, and implement a comprehensive web based advertisement model to achieve high conversion rate and sales orders. Determine Your Target Market and Audience: Determine your target market Irrespective of your online marketing objectives and budget, you must spend some time in determining your target market. Once you identify your niche customers, it will be easier for you to devise the right marketing plan. While determining your target market, you must concentrate on some key points like who are the people who will use the product or services offered by your business, what makes your product or service different from others, and can the price and features of your product seduce a customer to skip similar businesses. In addition to these key points, you also have to concentrate on the age group, location, education, income and interest of the target customers. You may have to spend some time in brainstorming the distinct business ideas to determine your target audience and market. Choose the Perfect Business Name: Choose a perfect business nameUnlike the traditional and local stores, the name selected for your business will have a huge impact in promoting it as a popular brand. So you must choose a business name that sounds unique and distinct enough to stay in the minds of your customers. While choosing a name for your business, you must ensure that the same can be easily spelled, pronounced and remembered by others. Also, the name should be effective in conveying the exact nature of your startup business venture. You must remember that when you promote your business on the web, it becomes global and can be accessed by prospective customers residing in different countries and continents. A startup business owner can even choose a name by ignoring some of the current and recent trends in selecting a business name. Build and Promote an Online Brand: After identifying the target market and choosing the right name for your business, it is time to promote your business as a popular online brand. Based on your business plans and ideas, you need to compose a single-line statement that clearly conveys the nature of your business. While composing the one-liner, you must keep in mind the impression that you want to create in the minds of your potential customers. Once you complete the one-line statement, you have to develop your business logo and tagline, and provide an online visual identity to your business. However, you also need to ensure that the overall visual identity of your business perfectly complements brand created by you. Implement the Marketing Plan: The earlier steps can be included as part of your online or offline marketing plan. Now you have to reach out to the niche audience by sending the right message. The messages also need to be conveyed through the right online marketing channel. In addition to launching email, search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns, you can also use direct mail, telephone, and televisions to convey the relevant message to your target customers. However, you also have to consider the cost of individual advertisement models, as the advertisement budget will vary based on the marketing channel selected by you. You can even consider the comprehensive website marketing plans that also include SMO and SEO services.