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Oct 2013
The online search engines have become a popular medium to divert website traffic. With more and more people initiating online searches to gather information on the product or services they want to avail, the webmasters implement comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility of their websites on major search engine results pages. The search engines also regularly upgrade their algorithm to provide users with more relevant and fresh information based on the search keywords or phrases entered by them. But the frequent search algorithm changes done by Google within last few months have made it challenging for website owner to avail the best search engine optimization (SEO) services. However, you can always consider some measures to hire the right SEO consultant from India by minimizing the impacts of Google Panda and Penguin updates. Strategy without Violating Google Guidelines: Major search engines including Google have clearly specified guidelines to be obeyed by the website owners and online marketers. Your website will not be penalized by Google till you are not violating any of the guidelines. Before the recent search algorithm upgrade, many SEO companies were able to increase the website ranking of their clients by gaming Google. But the recent changes have made it mandatory for the website owners to prepare a SEO strategy without violating any of the guidelines. When you are planning to hire a SEO company from Bangalore, you must spend some time in evaluating its SEO process to ensure that none of the search engine guidelines are being violated. Differentiate Between the Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques: Before the Penguin update, many website owners deployed the offshore SEO firms to increase their search engine ranking through black hat backlinks. But Google has changed its algorithm to penalize the people using black hat and spammy SEO practices. You can always keep your earnings as well as the search engine ranking of your website intact by following SEO techniques that are 100% ethical and legal. You can find many SEO companies promising you the top spot on the search results pages. But you must remember that none of these firms can control or determine the search engine ranking of your website. So you must thoroughly check the SEO techniques and practices used by the company to determine whether they are 100% white hat or not. Flexibility to Incorporate Relevant Changes: The latest Google algorithms upgrades have resulted in forcing websites owners to completely revamp their SEO strategies. In addition to completely eliminating black hat SEO techniques, the strategy has to concentrate on improving the content and accessibility of your website. As you cannot predict when Google will change its algorithms next, you have to ensure that the organic SEO company from India is ready to change the existing SEO strategy. There are also chances that the SEO process has to be completely revamped to comply with the fresh Google algorithm change. It is always better to hire a company that allows you to incorporate the relevant changes to maintain the high search engine ranking of your business. Reporting System to Track the Performance of SEO Campaign: Many website owners outsource the SEO campaign of their business to concentrate on core business activities. There are always chances that you may not find the time required to control the online marketing campaign of your business. So you have to evaluate the reporting system followed by the SEO firm. When the company sends you comprehensive reports at regular intervals, it will be easier for you to monitor the performance of the search engine optimization campaign. The regular reports also make it easier for you to check the effect on latest Google search algorithm change on your website.