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Oct 2013
Google RemarketingGoogle analytics is popular among the online marketers as an efficient and effective tool to understand the nature, category and behavior of website visitors. The tool is also being used by website owners and webmasters to provide a more pleasant and efficient experience to the website visitors. But the internet marketers have to use two individual tags for the Google Analytics and remarketing. The recent Google Analytics Remarketing feature launched by the popular search engine is specifically designed with built-in compatibility for remarketing. So the websites already using Analytics can now influence their existing visitors and remarket the products or services using a single tracking code. Remarketing Cycle   Effects of Google Analytic Remarketing on Your Online Marketing Campaign
  • You can easily reach out to the people who have already visited your website in past.
  • Ads can be displayed on Google Display Network by targeting more relevant and targeted customers.
  • Options to connect with the clients who have left your website without placing order, while they browse through other websites.
  • Clients can be seduced through promotional offers and compelling messages to return to your website and place order.
Creating Remarketing Lists to Suit Your Marketing Campaign A webmaster has options to create remarketing lists simply by replacing one line of the Google Analytics tracking code. Further, the onetime change enables you to create multiple remarketing lists based on your specific needs. In addition to three pre-defined visitor segments, you also have option to define your own segment of website visitors. Thus, you can create remarketing lists by targeting any of the four broad segments of website visitors.
  • All people visiting your website
  • People visiting a specific page or section of your website
  • People who have already completed any particular conversion goal
  • Visitors matching specific criteria and conditions
Achieving Higher Conversion Rate and ROI The Google Analytics Remarketing can be used as an effective tool to keep your target audience engaged. As you have information about the behavior of the people accessing your website, it will be easier for you to display your ads in a more relevant way. Also, you can offer special discounts and deals to seduce the customers to place online order for the products offered by you company. These additional options can further be implemented, without putting any additional efforts and multiple tracking codes, to increase your existing sales figures and achieve high ROI. Similar to the PPC ad campaigns, the Analytics Remarketing can also be used as a powerful technique to boost your SEO campaign. The SEO companies can use the information about your website visitors to run the internet marketing campaign by targeting the most relevant segment of customers. Do you have any suggestions and tips on using Google Analytics Remarketing? Please feel free to share your feedback and comments.