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The main motive behind business is profit, and to get profit, we have to promote our products and services. In the present day, commerce has shifted to e-commerce. Almost all companies have their own websites to showcase themselves. In this form of promotion that is through internet, one has to ensure the visitors of your website are converted to customers. To achieve that, the website has to be conversion friendly. Not all websites available over the internet are conversion friendly. Sometimes, websites have many pages and filled with content, but still, the leads do not convert to potential customers. That means there is some lacuna in your website due to which your whole aim behind your website cannot be achieved.

“A conversion friendly website is a website which is designed , developed and populated with content that encourages visitors to perform an action that you have determined to be valuable to your website.”
Your Website Is Not Conversion Friendly If :
Your Website
We give your website a professional & relevant design.
We give your website strong headings, excellent contents and appropriate photos. We highlight your important messages and selling points at prime positions.
We make your products sexy. We explain their features in detail and let customers know exactly why they need to buy what you are selling.
We build trust for you. We offer money-back guarantees, testimonials and trial offers to your customers. We showcase logos of your partners/clients/awards on your site. We create a larger online footprint and showcase various methods to reach you (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn).
We establish authority with quality content. We keep your content with proper spelling and formatting, up-to-date and infused with factual information.
We directly focus towards your call to action. We continuously remind visitors of the advantages of “purchasing before the offer runs out” or “subscribing now.”
We incentivize your call to action.We provide visitors incentives to respond to your call to action. We provide gifts, discounts or physical products to encourage subscription rate in a creative way.
We make your action flexible and easy to perform.We offer flexible payment and contact options. We ask your customers only what you need.
We update your portfolio and revitalize your copy regularly.We keep your website up-to-date. We review your website every 6 months for conversion killers: broken links, misspellings, bad looking portfolio pieces, pixilated images, awkward phrasing, etc. We optimize your website and boost sales.
We make changes, test and track progress.We check your page bounce rates and make changes to decrease your bounce percentage. We test your new pages and check to see the bounce rate stacks up against the old page. We constantly test by analyzing your data to ensure your modifications actually increase value rather than cost you money.
Your website- Fully conversion friendly.
After going through the processes at pixelkare, now your website :
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