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Reap the SEO Benefits offered by Google+
The growing popularity of the online social networks has made it essential for the digital marketers to implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy by integrating both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) techniques. However, some of the popular social networks do not offer any feature to directly improve the search engine ranking and visibility of your website. Google has launched a social networking platform that gathers social signals from the members, and use the signals to increase the rank of a website on the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you have not explored the benefits offered by Google+, it is time to revamp your digital marketing strategy by integrating some fresh and innovative SEO techniques.

SEO and Google+ Pixelkare

Increase Your Number of Followers The online social media has become a popular platform to bring together the business owners and customers. Similar to other popular online networks, Google+ also offers a set of specific features to stay connected with your existing customers and prospects. These features can also be used increase you follower base by sharing original and fresh information about the products or services offered by your business. Further, your website will rank higher on the SERPs, if the searcher is following your profile on Google+. You can even follow some simple steps to attract more people to follow you on the social networking platform. In addition to linking your Google+ profile to your website, you can even include the social networking profile in your email signature and other social media and forum profiles. Build a Brand by Claiming Authorship for Your Articles and Blogs


Google+ also offers specific features to enable website owners to claim authorship for the articles and blogs written by them. For instance, if you are regularly writing articles and blog posts highlighting various aspects of your business, now you can claim ownership for the published content. Also, the author info will be displayed as part of the online search results, and can be viewed even by the searchers who have not logged in to their respective Google+ profiles. Further, the searchers already logged in to their Google+ profiles have options to add the author to their circles directly from the SERPs. Google also allows webmasters to claim ownership for their web content through several ways. You can include the same email id in the blog and Google+ profile page to claim ownership without putting any extra effort. At the same time, you can even link the web content and with your Google+ profile to claim authorship. These features will be of great help to promote your professional credibility and build a popular online brand. Link Your Website and Google+ Page You can even consider connecting your website directly with the Google+ page to dominate the search engine results. Simply by adding a Google+ badge to your website, you can invite your followers to visit the website. Similarly, you can even add simple codes to encourage your Google+ followers to access your online business portal. The integration of Google+ page and website will make it easier for you to manage your online reputation. Some websites have even explored the options to overcome negative and unfavorable reviews posted about their products or services. The option will push these unfavorable reviews and comments further down the SERPs and minimize their chances of being viewed by the searchers. Add Google+1 Buttons to Different Sections of Your Website Similar to the Facebook like button, a webmaster also have options to incorporate the +1 button in various sections of his website. But the +1 buttons are considered to be more effective than the Facebook like button due their SEO values. These buttons can enhance the ranking of your website in SERPs, even when the searcher is not logged in to his Google+ profile. You can collect codes for the latest +1 from Google, and install these buttons in the home and other pages of your website. Along with sending social signal to Google search results, the +1 buttons can further make it easier for others to share the web page on their Google+ profile pages. Optimize Your Google+ Profile In additions to the measures mentioned above, a webmaster also needs to ensure that his Google+ profile and pages are filled in with the required information. Google also allows members to prioritize some key areas of their profile for on-page optimization and SEO purposes. Along with your identity and contact information, you need to concentrate on the first 55 characters of the introduction. As these information will be displayed as part of the search results, you must concentrate on make the introduction innovative and catchy. Are you already using Google+ to increase the ranking and visibility of your website on SERPs? Please share your ideas and experience to help others in developing the right SEO strategy.

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5 Reasons Why Infographics can be Used an Efficient Digital Marketing Tool
Nowadays, infographics have become an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing campaigns. With Google discouraging the spammy SEO techniques, it has become significant for the companies to impress customers by presenting the information and statistics in the best possible manner. Infogrpahics have become a popular visual medium to present information and statistics about a particular topic. Also, you have options to incorporate facts, predictions, charts, colors and bold visuals to attract and hold the attention of both existing customers and prospects. If you are not sure about the benefits offered by infographic as an efficient internet marketing tool, it is time to understand some of its key features and benefits.

Infographics and SEO

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1. Present Maximum Information with Minimum Efforts: Infographics are designed by combining text, images, pictures and graphs. So the information is presented with lesser number of words. The minimization of textual content makes it easier for the readers to capture the relevant information without putting any extra time and effort. Also, the information presented through an infographic can be remembered by the audience over a longer period of time. So the content can be conveyed and presented in a distinct, fresh yet more impressive way. 2. Pleasant Deliverance of Information and Statistics: Most of the digital marketing strategists often explore options to impress the customers by overcoming the budgetary constraints. The existing as well as startup business owners can invest some amount of time to design infographics to promote their products or services. Further, a wide variety of topics can be presented in a simple and fun-filled manner to catch and hold the readers’ attention. Also, the maximum possible information can be conveyed in the best way by using fewer words. The image of eye-catchy images and graphs can further seduce the reader to get all the information and data. Infographic_Pixelkare_Pleasant Deliverance of Information and Statistics


3. Leave Long-lasting Impression on the Customers’ Minds: Most of the digital marketers often find it challenging to choose the right marketing tool that can leave a long-term impact on the minds of the consumers. With most of the websites using textual content, images and videos, the visitors want to see something new and different. The infographics are designed using graphs to convey detailed information about a topic in an instant. Also, the graphs are very much effective in presenting the information and statistics in a manner that draws permanent lines in the readers’ mind. So the products or services promoted through infographics can convince the readers to visit your website and place online orders. 4. Attract and Hold the Attention of the Readers: A designer has several options to impress the readers by designing the infographic using his creativity and imagination. Also, the right layout and content can attract the attention of online visitors. Further, the use of images, pictures and graphs make it much easier for you to present the information in a convincing and impressive manner. In comparison to the textual content, the graph can further hold the attention of the readers and convey the complete information. 5. Present Data without Confusing the Audience: Each content writer finds it a daunting challenge to right content by targeting different types of audiences. Also, most of the modern people avoid descriptive and lengthy articles. Therefore, the smart digital marketers use infographics to convey the desired information and data to all types of customers. The layout and images will hold the attention of the readers, while the graphs can convey the detailed information about the products or services offered by your company. Also, the infographics are very much effective in conveying the information in an organized and structured manner by eliminating the chances of fuss or confusion.
Why Only Link Building? When One can Concentrate on Long-Term Relationship Building
The ongoing Panda and Penguin updates by Google has forced search engine optimization (SEO) services to rely on 100% ethical and white hat techniques and practices. Many people even started believing that link building, as a SEO technique, has become obsolete and a thing of the past. But at PixelKare, our team of seasoned SEO strategies has been successful in building long-term relationships through 100% natural and organic backlinks. Instead of promising a certain number of backlinks per month to our clients, we have convinced them to opt for high quality and natural links generated through online article, blog and content sharing platforms. Our past clients can vouch for the effectiveness of your link building strategy to increase and retain the top search engine ranking of their websites in the era of constant search algorithm updates. Strategy Only After Evaluating Your Website You can find many online marketing service providers offering customized link building packages. A client can subscribe to a particular package, and get certain number of backlinks to his website. But such service providers concentrate on the number of the links rather than their quality. So the technique is no longer effective in boosting the search engine ranking of your website in the era of Google Panda and Penguin updates. At PixelKare, we recommend the appropriate link building strategy to the clients only after thoroughly evaluating the existing back links and look and feel of their websites. Instead of delivering a certain number of backlinks per month, our team has improved the search engine ranking of many websites through a lower number of organic backlinks. Concentrate on Quality of Links Rather Than Numbers When a company promises you a certain number of backlinks per month, the professionals forget to concentrate on the source and quality of the link. But Google is emphasizing on increasing the search engine ranking of websites by posting relevant information and quality content. Our team of SEO professionals can implement a customized content marketing strategy that can get your website relevant and natural links. PixelKare also deploys a team of experienced web content writers to develop content for your website promotion. The content are further posted on popular online platforms and forums accessed by millions of users on a daily basis. We impress and engage the readers with the quality web content, and encourage them to recommend the same to their friends, family and coworker. Links through Quality Content and Blog Posting At PixelKare, we have combined the web content marketing and link building solutions. Instead of procuring backlinks for your website, we believe in generating natural links to your website from popular websites and social media. The quality and engaging content posted on these online platforms are effective in leaving a long-term impression on the minds of the readers. Further, the articles, blogs and similar web content can also be promoted by the readers through word of mouth. We also encourage readers to share the content through social networks, and divert more web traffic to the content. Thus, the natural and organic backlinks generated through the process can keep the high search engine ranking of your website by eliminating the impacts of search engine algorithm updates. Utmost Care to Protect Credibility and Reputation of Websites If you have already subscribed to the link building packages, then you must have realized their ineffectiveness in beating the Panda and Penguin updates. Many service providers have cleared such banklinks to a website to retain its search engine ranking. It is time to experience an innovative and ethical link building strategy that can divert more website traffic to your website through popular online search engines. At PixelKare, we are passionate about retaining clients over a longer period of time by providing innovative and effective online marketing solutions. You can check the periodic reports to determine the effectiveness of our strategy and techniques. We can further assure you that we will recommend you the techniques that do not cause any damage to the professional credibility and reputation of your website. Want more information about PixelKare link building strategy? Visit our SEO Services page.