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Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training Program @ Bhubaneswar, Odisha | One Month Course

Regarding our Digital Marketing training course, we will be offering a practical & in-depth course for students pursing or completed engineering / management, freshers, job seekers, working professionals in Bhubaneswar, Odisha to explore and advance in Digital Marketing topics, tools & tactics, which is the next-generation job as everything is turning to Web/Internet.

Also click this link: “The Economic Times, which will surely help you in taking a decision to join this Digital Marketing course or not?

As a part of research , here are few comments from Facebook friends on the query; Can Digital Marketing (SEO or Google AdWords PPC or Social Media) be a career choice for B.Tech Engineering students?


The Digital Marketing training program is designed to teach any passionate candidates in theory and practical of the course while being able to understand, plan, implement and accomplish Digital Marketing performance around a given goal or objective for an online business.

List of companies where our digital marketing graduated students from Bangalore have been career places are: Yahoo India, CommonFloor, Grank, Regalix, Vayama, Refine Interactive, mFinite etc.

As part of the course, each candidates will be trained on 1-2 live projects. The trained Google & Hubspot certified faculty trainers will assure 100% guidance, consultation and support during or after course completion while helping with 100% Job assistance.

COURSE DETAILS ( 4 weeks Course )
1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Google Adwords Basic
3. How to use Google analytic
4. How to Use Google webmaster tool
5. Innovative Content Creation Ideas and Tips
6. Live Project

  BATCH SCHEDULES – 4 days in a week, 2 hours per day, 7.30 AM to 9.30AM

COURSE FACULTY : Faculty for the Digital Marketing training program includes Experienced Working Experts at PixelKare.

As per your special request to enhance your skill, we can also invite for another session: a Certified Google & Hubspot Inbound Marketing trainers with more than 9 years experience in the Digital Marketing field based in Bangalore, India. Here’s the faculty details for your info; Ranjan Jena, AdWords Professional with 9+ years experience in Digital Marketing, and based in Bangalore.

COURSE LOGISTICS: Training sessions will be held at PixelKare Office which is located at: PIXELKARE, #170, 1st Floor, District Center, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – 751016

Note:: For assistance with course enrollment, please call PixelKare by phone on 0674-6007714 or 9692418433

COURSE FEE & REGISTRATION – INR 5500 per participant (Max 6 Persons per Batch)
 Pay Online

COURSE ENQUIRY: PixelKare – 06746007714 or 9692418433.
Website Designing Training by PixelKare

Training session starts from 1st September, 2015.

It’s one month course.
4 days in a week, 2 hours per day.

Training Includes:
Photoshop CS6
Javascript and Jquery Usage
1 Live Project

Course fees: INR4500

Call to 0674 2303061 to book your seat. Maximum 6 students per batch.
“एक कदम School की ओर” Campaign Hosted By PixelKare
A most awaited campaign, dedicated to Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM by PixelKare is called “एक कदम School की ओर”.   We aim to connect old students to their ever green favorite schools through this campaign. We have given a try to give a small hand towards the love of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for Schools.   

Appreciated by some old students:


We hosted with some Alumni  at our office:


Gift a ready website to your school on this 15th August with PixelKare.

  View the ready website below. Price INR3,000.      We have put our love, efforts and time to create this beautiful website for your school. This website contains many attractive corners that you are going to love it. This what we have tried to connect you with your all time favorite old school, to express your love towards your school.  

Click here if you are interested to gift it to your school. Or give us a call on 0674 6007714.

We introduce this campaign with the vision to getting you close to your school.   • Connecting alumni to their school • Help rural school to go globalize • Alumni can help current students • Provides a common platform for student to use it gain knowledge • Rejoice your school memories • Interact with your school • Getting you to close to your school   All of us always want to be part of our school .you always miss those moment when you were student. Isn’t it great when you have some place where all your memory will be saved for future? where you can go through all your lost memory over and over?   A website not only for saving memory it will also help you to communicate with your junior giving them your useful tips and your real time experience.   Be a part of this campaign.   Share your love towards your school by commenting below with your school name with hashtag like (copy the below hashtags to use in your comment)   #yourschoolname #ekkadamshoolkaor with #DrAPJABDULKALAM #pixelkare   We invite you to Join online through this page in the occasion of Hosting the campaign “एक कदम School की ओर”. Your participation will encourage us to keep it up.   Let’s give a try!! Stay tune!!   
Talk on SDLC & Methodologies
Talk on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Methodologies (Sunday, 8th February, 2014) Software Development is not about writing a piece of code generally perceived by any novice programmer rather a complex process which has been developed over time by developers around the world. Today software runs the big Enterprises so smoothly and impacts our day to day life which would have never been possible if industry standard methodologies were not followed. A talk will be delivered by industry professional on Software development life cycle and different methodologies following which makes a software robust, reliable, reusable and easy to use. We will also talk about industry best practices used in different phases of SDLC. About the Organizer :, a website & software development company from Bhubaneswar,Easter part of India is organizing the Talk as part of CSR activity to create awareness among young developers on Industry standards of software development. About the Guest Speaker on the Table: Milan Kumar Agrawal will be delivering the Talk who has around 5 years of experience in Enterprise Software Development. He is currently working with a Leading IT firm of India. He will be sharing his live experiences. Eligible Participants : Anyone who has basic knowledge of Software Development and interested to learn the industry standard SDLC process and methodologies. Limited Seats available on FCFS. No Fees. Only you need to confirm asap. You can book your seat through or call on 0674 6007714 Join through facebook Venue: PixelKare, 1st Floor, #170, District Center, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
The Google Adwords workshop
The Google Adwords Workshop was organized by PixelKare, concluded recently on 11th of February, 2014. We feel proud that we received an astounding response for this workshop. Nearly 30 participants attended the workshop and got a chance to learn the nuances of modern generation digital marketing.
  We received many registration requests, but due to seat constraints, we feel sorry that we could not accommodate all. Mr. Ranjan Jena, trainer and guest faculty was the esteemed speaker for the workshop. His 9+ years of experience in digital marketing helped the participants of the workshop a lot. Many topics related to Google Adwords and digital marketing were covered and discussed in detail. Mr. Ranjan left a lasting impact in the minds of the participants who speak praise of him even after the workshop. The Google Adwords workshop was one of its kind in Bhubaneswar. We had kept it free of cost to attract and encourage the youth of Bhubaneswar to learn something new without bothering about registration fees. The free lunch and tea breaks added to the mood of the workshop and enhanced its appeal. At PixelKare, we endeavor to conduct many more such workshops in near future and give back something to the digital marketing industry of Bhubaneswar. Your support and motivation is very valuable for us. -Kishore Kumar Mishra, Strategic planner, PixelKare. Next workshop is on 30th March, 2014 (Sunday). Register yourself by contacting PixelKare and reserve your seat. This time we will have more in-depth and interactive session.
How to Hire the Right SEO Company Post Google Penguin Update
The online search engines have become a popular medium to divert website traffic. With more and more people initiating online searches to gather information on the product or services they want to avail, the webmasters implement comprehensive strategy to increase the visibility of their websites on major search engine results pages. The search engines also regularly upgrade their algorithm to provide users with more relevant and fresh information based on the search keywords or phrases entered by them. But the frequent search algorithm changes done by Google within last few months have made it challenging for website owner to avail the best search engine optimization (SEO) services. However, you can always consider some measures to hire the right SEO consultant from India by minimizing the impacts of Google Panda and Penguin updates. Strategy without Violating Google Guidelines: Major search engines including Google have clearly specified guidelines to be obeyed by the website owners and online marketers. Your website will not be penalized by Google till you are not violating any of the guidelines. Before the recent search algorithm upgrade, many SEO companies were able to increase the website ranking of their clients by gaming Google. But the recent changes have made it mandatory for the website owners to prepare a SEO strategy without violating any of the guidelines. When you are planning to hire a SEO company from Bangalore, you must spend some time in evaluating its SEO process to ensure that none of the search engine guidelines are being violated. Differentiate Between the Black Hat and White Hat SEO Techniques: Before the Penguin update, many website owners deployed the offshore SEO firms to increase their search engine ranking through black hat backlinks. But Google has changed its algorithm to penalize the people using black hat and spammy SEO practices. You can always keep your earnings as well as the search engine ranking of your website intact by following SEO techniques that are 100% ethical and legal. You can find many SEO companies promising you the top spot on the search results pages. But you must remember that none of these firms can control or determine the search engine ranking of your website. So you must thoroughly check the SEO techniques and practices used by the company to determine whether they are 100% white hat or not. Flexibility to Incorporate Relevant Changes: The latest Google algorithms upgrades have resulted in forcing websites owners to completely revamp their SEO strategies. In addition to completely eliminating black hat SEO techniques, the strategy has to concentrate on improving the content and accessibility of your website. As you cannot predict when Google will change its algorithms next, you have to ensure that the organic SEO company from India is ready to change the existing SEO strategy. There are also chances that the SEO process has to be completely revamped to comply with the fresh Google algorithm change. It is always better to hire a company that allows you to incorporate the relevant changes to maintain the high search engine ranking of your business. Reporting System to Track the Performance of SEO Campaign: Many website owners outsource the SEO campaign of their business to concentrate on core business activities. There are always chances that you may not find the time required to control the online marketing campaign of your business. So you have to evaluate the reporting system followed by the SEO firm. When the company sends you comprehensive reports at regular intervals, it will be easier for you to monitor the performance of the search engine optimization campaign. The regular reports also make it easier for you to check the effect on latest Google search algorithm change on your website.
Google Analytics Remarketing: A Smart Tool to Reconnect with and Seduce Your Website Visitors
Google RemarketingGoogle analytics is popular among the online marketers as an efficient and effective tool to understand the nature, category and behavior of website visitors. The tool is also being used by website owners and webmasters to provide a more pleasant and efficient experience to the website visitors. But the internet marketers have to use two individual tags for the Google Analytics and remarketing. The recent Google Analytics Remarketing feature launched by the popular search engine is specifically designed with built-in compatibility for remarketing. So the websites already using Analytics can now influence their existing visitors and remarket the products or services using a single tracking code. Remarketing Cycle   Effects of Google Analytic Remarketing on Your Online Marketing Campaign
  • You can easily reach out to the people who have already visited your website in past.
  • Ads can be displayed on Google Display Network by targeting more relevant and targeted customers.
  • Options to connect with the clients who have left your website without placing order, while they browse through other websites.
  • Clients can be seduced through promotional offers and compelling messages to return to your website and place order.
Creating Remarketing Lists to Suit Your Marketing Campaign A webmaster has options to create remarketing lists simply by replacing one line of the Google Analytics tracking code. Further, the onetime change enables you to create multiple remarketing lists based on your specific needs. In addition to three pre-defined visitor segments, you also have option to define your own segment of website visitors. Thus, you can create remarketing lists by targeting any of the four broad segments of website visitors.
  • All people visiting your website
  • People visiting a specific page or section of your website
  • People who have already completed any particular conversion goal
  • Visitors matching specific criteria and conditions
Achieving Higher Conversion Rate and ROI The Google Analytics Remarketing can be used as an effective tool to keep your target audience engaged. As you have information about the behavior of the people accessing your website, it will be easier for you to display your ads in a more relevant way. Also, you can offer special discounts and deals to seduce the customers to place online order for the products offered by you company. These additional options can further be implemented, without putting any additional efforts and multiple tracking codes, to increase your existing sales figures and achieve high ROI. Similar to the PPC ad campaigns, the Analytics Remarketing can also be used as a powerful technique to boost your SEO campaign. The SEO companies can use the information about your website visitors to run the internet marketing campaign by targeting the most relevant segment of customers. Do you have any suggestions and tips on using Google Analytics Remarketing? Please feel free to share your feedback and comments.
Online Marketing Tips for Startups to Overcome Budgetary Constraints
Online Marketing Strategy for startups Unlike the large and established businesses, the online marketing strategy of a startup company is often impacted due to budgetary constraints. Many startup business owners reduce their online marketing budget to get a high ROI, whereas others explore inexpensive options to promote their business on the web. Luckily, the online search engines and social networks allow business owners to choose from a wide range of free as well as paid advertisement models. However, the smart entrepreneurs prefer to do some initial research to identify their niche customers, and implement a comprehensive web based advertisement model to achieve high conversion rate and sales orders. Determine Your Target Market and Audience: Determine your target market Irrespective of your online marketing objectives and budget, you must spend some time in determining your target market. Once you identify your niche customers, it will be easier for you to devise the right marketing plan. While determining your target market, you must concentrate on some key points like who are the people who will use the product or services offered by your business, what makes your product or service different from others, and can the price and features of your product seduce a customer to skip similar businesses. In addition to these key points, you also have to concentrate on the age group, location, education, income and interest of the target customers. You may have to spend some time in brainstorming the distinct business ideas to determine your target audience and market. Choose the Perfect Business Name: Choose a perfect business nameUnlike the traditional and local stores, the name selected for your business will have a huge impact in promoting it as a popular brand. So you must choose a business name that sounds unique and distinct enough to stay in the minds of your customers. While choosing a name for your business, you must ensure that the same can be easily spelled, pronounced and remembered by others. Also, the name should be effective in conveying the exact nature of your startup business venture. You must remember that when you promote your business on the web, it becomes global and can be accessed by prospective customers residing in different countries and continents. A startup business owner can even choose a name by ignoring some of the current and recent trends in selecting a business name. Build and Promote an Online Brand: After identifying the target market and choosing the right name for your business, it is time to promote your business as a popular online brand. Based on your business plans and ideas, you need to compose a single-line statement that clearly conveys the nature of your business. While composing the one-liner, you must keep in mind the impression that you want to create in the minds of your potential customers. Once you complete the one-line statement, you have to develop your business logo and tagline, and provide an online visual identity to your business. However, you also need to ensure that the overall visual identity of your business perfectly complements brand created by you. Implement the Marketing Plan: The earlier steps can be included as part of your online or offline marketing plan. Now you have to reach out to the niche audience by sending the right message. The messages also need to be conveyed through the right online marketing channel. In addition to launching email, search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns, you can also use direct mail, telephone, and televisions to convey the relevant message to your target customers. However, you also have to consider the cost of individual advertisement models, as the advertisement budget will vary based on the marketing channel selected by you. You can even consider the comprehensive website marketing plans that also include SMO and SEO services.
Recent Craze for Guest Posts: Is It the New Muse after Google Updates?
The recent Google Panda and Penguin updates forced many professional SEO consultants to completely revamp their plan and strategy. Many SEO companies also started exploring more effective and white-hat techniques to increase the ranking and visibility of the websites of their clients on popular online search engines. Nowadays, guest blogging has become a key element of the revised search engine optimization campaign of many companies. In addition to keeping the website visitors interested and engaged, the guest posts also help in the link building efforts of a website, promoting the business as a popular brand and getting industry recognition. If you are yet to incorporate guest blogging as part of your SEO strategy, it is time to concentrate on some of the significant advantages of this innovative online marketing tool. Guest post after penguin Getting Inbound Links for Your Website Guest blogging is often recommended by the offshore SEO consultant from India as the most efficient way to get inbound links to your website. Most blogs allow the guest blogger to insert multiple links in the author bio section. So once your blog is approved and published by the blogger, your website can get multiple links. Further, you have options to determine the nature of the backlinks by targeting specific keywords and phrases. Many blog owners even allow guest bloggers to inset hyperlinks in the actual blog. Once you choose the appropriate blogging options, your website can get genuine backlinks without implementing a comprehensive link building strategy. A Way to Interact with Your Customers In the modern era of online social networks, it has becomes essential for a company to connect with its existing as well as prospective customers. The guest blogs will further provide multiple touch points to your website to impress the visitors. Also, the touch point will make it easier for the customers to communicate with your brand and visit the website on a regular basis. At the same time, the guest blogs posted on a popular and recognized industry website will further assist in promoting your company as an industry though leader. The blog post will attract the attention of new customers and convince them to try the products or services offered by your company. However, your blogs must be effective in educating the new customers, while seducing them to try your product. You can even consider publishing guest posts at regular intervals to stay connected with your new as well as potential customers. Driving More Online Visitors to Your Website When you insert links in your blog and author bio, these will be effective in encouraging the readers to gather additional information by visiting your website. So the guest posts can also be used a smart way to drive new and targeted traffic to your website. As your blog is posted on a reputed and industry specific website, the readers will click on these hyperlinks to gather information about the company or to evaluate the products or services offered by your company. Also, some of these people will like to buy the products from your company, as they are impressed with way you have presented your ideas. Once the reader clicks on the link and visit your website you can further use tools like Google Analytics Remarketing to seduce them to place online orders. Similar to other methods of SEO, the guest blogs can divert targeted traffic to your website without implementing a comprehensive strategy. Integration of Your SEO and SMO Campaigns Despite buying the best professional services from offshore SEO Company, you cannot ignore the significance of online social media to divert visitors to your website. Just like the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are also effective in diverting more website traffic. When you publish guest blogs, these can be used for both SEO and SMO campaigns of your company. The guest blogs can be shared on popular social networking platforms to create an emotional bond with your customers. When the content offers fresh and innovative ideas, the people reading the blog will love to share and recommend the posts to their friends, family and coworkers. So a single guest blog post can get inbound links to your website as well as help in driving the social media campaign of your company. Do you have any ideas to enhance the quality of the blog post? Please share your personal experience of using guest blogs as part of SEO and SMO campaigns.
Want to Enjoy the Benefits of Changing Digital Marketing Trends? Go for Mobile SEO
At the recently concluded SES San Francisco conference, for the first time Google warned the webmasters and SEO consultants about the “jarring and jolting” impacts of next Google Penguin updates. The popular search engine has deployed a team of engineers to incorporate new signals and improve the search algorithm to discourage spammy SEO practices. The recent search algorithms changes have made it essential for the website owners and digital marketers to concentrate on some other recent trends in digital marketing. Pixelkare_mobile_seo_digital_marketing Also, with more and more people accessing internet on their cellular phones, smartphones and tablet computer, every SEO consultant is recommending his clients to implement a comprehensive mobile SEO strategy. With new smartphone models being introduced by the manufacturers at frequent intervals, more and more customers are using their handheld devices to browse through the websites at anytime and from anywhere. So the changing lifestyle and choices of the modern customers has provided the digital marketers a classic opportunity along with a rewarding challenge. Developing the Mobile Version of Your Website mobile_seo_visibilityMany webmasters believe in creating a mini version of their main website to target the customers accessing the web on their mobile devices. But an experienced mobile SEO consultant will advise you to completely revamp the content and design of your website to impress the mobile users. Unlike the people accessing websites on their computer, the mobile users lack the time and patience to read through lengthy paragraphs. Similarly, the modern mobile users often switch to the next website, if your online business portal is not loading in few seconds. So you have to concentrate on some distinct and fresh techniques to allow the customers to browse through your website on the go. Making the Website Compatible with Different Mobile Devices and OS The increasing number of smartphone users also encourages many manufacturers to launch new digital devices with additional features, longer battery life and faster web browsing capability. So no webmaster can predict how the customer is going to access his website. Also, you must remember that mobile web browsing experience is completely different from the traditional internet browsing on desktop and laptop computer. Therefore, an efficient mobile website must have the capability to load and render web pages by identifying the device and operating system of the searcher. When you website has the ability to recognize the device used by the customer, it can achieve a high conversion rate by offering high quality user experience. Rewriting the Content to Impress the Mobile Searchers Since most of the mobile users look for quick and instant information based on their search keywords, you also need to rewrite the website content to make their experience friendly and effortless. The promotional offers posted on your websites must be enriched by including powerful call to action. Similarly, the lengthy descriptions of the offers must be summarized and the searcher should be shown only the gist of the complete offer. The alteration will make it easier for the searcher to skim through the text within a few seconds. Further, you should do some thorough evaluate the structure of your website to ensure that the users are able to find the required information in seconds. Optimizing the Website for Mobile Search Results


When you are optimizing your website for mobile search engine results pages, it is very much important to choose the content that you want to show to the searcher. You can decide about showing a specific section of your website to the searcher or not, simply by analyzing the nature and behavior of your website traffic. The web pages with a higher number of visitors and page views must be customized to suit the mobile devices. It is also essential to keep the solid content intact, and optimize the website for mobile search results pages by eliminating multimedia content and flashy graphics. However, you also need to ensure that the changes are not having any impact on the keyword placement and density on your mobile website. Designing Ads by Targeting Mobile Users Mobile_seo_pixelkareAlong with optimizing the website for mobile search results pages, you can even consider running paid advertisement campaigns to target the cell phone users. The mobile sitemap of your website will make it easier for you to target the right segment of audience. Also, you can use the information and research to build a searcher persona. Once you identify the target searcher, you can post specially designed ads to seduce the customers to place order. Also, the details can be used to optimize and customize your website to impress the customers initiating online searches through their smartphones. These features will create an impression on the minds of your potential customers and help in achieving a higher conversion rate.