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The Google Adwords workshop organized by PixelKare concluded recently on 11th Feb, 2014
The Google Adwords Workshop was organized by PixelKare, concluded recently on 11th of February, 2014. We feel proud that we received an astounding response for this workshop. Nearly 30 participants attended the workshop and got a chance to learn the nuances of modern generation digital marketing.
  We received many registration requests, but due to seat constraints, we feel sorry that we could not accommodate all. Mr. Ranjan Jena, trainer and guest faculty was the esteemed speaker for the workshop. His 9+ years of experience in digital marketing helped the participants of the workshop a lot. Many topics related to Google Adwords and digital marketing were covered and discussed in detail. Mr. Ranjan left a lasting impact in the minds of the participants who speak praise of him even after the workshop. The Google Adwords workshop was one of its kind in Bhubaneswar. We had kept it free of cost to attract and encourage the youth of Bhubaneswar to learn something new without bothering about registration fees. The free lunch and tea breaks added to the mood of the workshop and enhanced its appeal. At PixelKare, we endeavor to conduct many more such workshops in near future and give back something to the digital marketing industry of Bhubaneswar. Your support and motivation is very valuable for us. -Kishore Kumar Mishra, Strategic planner, PixelKare. Next workshop is on 30th March, 2013 (Sunday). Register yourself by contacting PixelKare and reserve your seat. This time we will have more in-depth and interactive session.