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PixelKare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: (We are a Registered Company under the new Companies Act, 2013, CIN Ref No – U72200OR2015PTC018770)


We’re passionate about website designing and development that shows in our work. It’s how we transform inspired ideas into ingenious digital solutions. We make sure our designs are fresh, innovative and fully functional which helps our clients to interact with their customers in new and exciting ways. We are friendly with our clients and we’re proud of what we have achieved..

Kishore Ku. Mishra

Kishore Kumar

Founder & Strategic Planner
Over 10+ years’ of experience, Kishore worked for many companies as a Website Designing Project Manager and Digital Marketing Team Head before starting his own set-up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Having an expertise to understand the client’s requirements and excel them into prototype designs for various websites, to build brands and marketing opportunities for various companies, in a very own strategic manner by using Digital Marketing methods, events and news media. He always loves to innovate new designs to give a different taste of browsing to the new edge visitors. Kishore started his business journey in 2003. His first experience of marketing with his first company TATA Rallis India Ltd. gave him an interest to build a career in Marketing and Advertisement in 2005, and there on, he is been excelling and striving to create a best website and software development company based on corporate ethics, values and principles. Connect with him on Read more… … His Technical Knowledge :
  • A best Website Design Consultant
  • A best Digital Marketing Consultant
  • CMS Customization (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)
  • E-commerce Website Development(Opencart, Volusion, Magento,    Woocommerce, Etc.)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • PHP, Jscript, Jquery
  • Still learning more with his team to serve the best services to his clients ..
Pankaj Sarangi

Pankaj Sarangi

Chief Financial Officer
Pankaj is in-charge of keeping our finances healthy and our sales processes uber-efficient. He looks after financial part the company and the business development activities. He has worked for Govt. of India and Genpact as a financial officer in his past.
Prangya Nanda

Prangya Nanda

Marketing & Advertising
He looks into branding, events, technical workshops and sponsorship, community management, workshop organizing, client acquisition and partnerships of PixelKare. His experience in client relationship is amazing and he looks forward to giving a memorable experience working with PixelKare.
Prangya Nanda

Tanmay Jena

Marketing Associate
Tanmay, the person who Investigate promotional opportunities and marketing initiatives like annual goals, messaging and business focus.
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We are in:- Website designing and development, e-Commerce & WordPress Website development, Online Branding, Inbound marketing (Digital Marketing), Paid advertisements, Search engine optimization and marketing, Social media promotion, Exclusive Facebook promotion, Info-graphic designing, Online promotion consulting and Call-to-action based Web Content writing
Call us on +91-674-600-7714 to get your website requirements evaluated thoroughly, and devise a customized plan.
  • Team of Experienced Young Search Engine Marketing Expert with Proven Track Records and Success Stories.
  • Follows 100% Natural Process and the Latest Algorithms Recommended by Panda, and Other Major Search Engines.
  • Transparent and Regular Reporting to Develop a Long-Term Business Association.
  • 365 Days 24/7 Customer Care.
  • Team of Content Writers and Web Developers to Suit the SEO needs of Your Website.
  • Constant Research to Stay Tuned to the Search Engine Robots and Market Changes
  • Customize SEO Strategy with Methods and Strategies Selected through Individual Website Analysis.
  • Focus on Online Traffic Conversion Rather than Focusing only on Keyword Ranking
  • Offer Services to Large, Medium and Small Companies across Different Industries.
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