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Oct 2013
Nowadays, infographics have become an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing campaigns. With Google discouraging the spammy SEO techniques, it has become significant for the companies to impress customers by presenting the information and statistics in the best possible manner. Infogrpahics have become a popular visual medium to present information and statistics about a particular topic. Also, you have options to incorporate facts, predictions, charts, colors and bold visuals to attract and hold the attention of both existing customers and prospects. If you are not sure about the benefits offered by infographic as an efficient internet marketing tool, it is time to understand some of its key features and benefits.

Infographics and SEO

Image source: Flicker

1. Present Maximum Information with Minimum Efforts: Infographics are designed by combining text, images, pictures and graphs. So the information is presented with lesser number of words. The minimization of textual content makes it easier for the readers to capture the relevant information without putting any extra time and effort. Also, the information presented through an infographic can be remembered by the audience over a longer period of time. So the content can be conveyed and presented in a distinct, fresh yet more impressive way. 2. Pleasant Deliverance of Information and Statistics: Most of the digital marketing strategists often explore options to impress the customers by overcoming the budgetary constraints. The existing as well as startup business owners can invest some amount of time to design infographics to promote their products or services. Further, a wide variety of topics can be presented in a simple and fun-filled manner to catch and hold the readers’ attention. Also, the maximum possible information can be conveyed in the best way by using fewer words. The image of eye-catchy images and graphs can further seduce the reader to get all the information and data. Infographic_Pixelkare_Pleasant Deliverance of Information and Statistics


3. Leave Long-lasting Impression on the Customers’ Minds: Most of the digital marketers often find it challenging to choose the right marketing tool that can leave a long-term impact on the minds of the consumers. With most of the websites using textual content, images and videos, the visitors want to see something new and different. The infographics are designed using graphs to convey detailed information about a topic in an instant. Also, the graphs are very much effective in presenting the information and statistics in a manner that draws permanent lines in the readers’ mind. So the products or services promoted through infographics can convince the readers to visit your website and place online orders. 4. Attract and Hold the Attention of the Readers: A designer has several options to impress the readers by designing the infographic using his creativity and imagination. Also, the right layout and content can attract the attention of online visitors. Further, the use of images, pictures and graphs make it much easier for you to present the information in a convincing and impressive manner. In comparison to the textual content, the graph can further hold the attention of the readers and convey the complete information. 5. Present Data without Confusing the Audience: Each content writer finds it a daunting challenge to right content by targeting different types of audiences. Also, most of the modern people avoid descriptive and lengthy articles. Therefore, the smart digital marketers use infographics to convey the desired information and data to all types of customers. The layout and images will hold the attention of the readers, while the graphs can convey the detailed information about the products or services offered by your company. Also, the infographics are very much effective in conveying the information in an organized and structured manner by eliminating the chances of fuss or confusion.